Caroline Huntoon


Photo by Hannah Brauer

Caroline Huntoon has always loved to tell stories, but it took a while for them to translate that love to writing books. After they graduated with a B.A. from Barnard College, Caroline wasn’t sure what to do next, so they headed to the happiest place on earth, where they worked for three years making magic before moving to Michigan to become an English teacher and theater director. It wasn’t until they earned an M.A. from The Bread Loaf School of English that they finally started writing stories for young people.

Now, Caroline spends their days working with students in schools and theaters. They live in Ypsilanti, Michigan with their increasingly impetuous child, Winifred, and their adorable yet needy dog, Oscar David, both of whom allow Caroline to write after they go to sleep (if they go to sleep). Caroline writes middle grade and young adult books across genres; their work often circles back to themes of loss, identity, friendship, and validating the messy and wonderful lives of young people.

Short Bio

Caroline Huntoon is an author and educator. They write middle grade and young adult fiction across genres. Caroline lives with their feisty child, Winifred, in Ypsilanti, MI. Find out more about them and their work at CarolineHuntoon.com.

Photo Hannah Brauer