Linus and Etta Could Use a Win

A middle grade story of unlikely friendship that follows 13-year-old Linus as he’s roped into running in the student body president election at his new school by his new friend Etta… who has an ulterior motive: winning a bet against her ex-best friend and rival.

Releasing spring 2024 from Feiwel & Friends/Macmillan.

When thirteen-year-old Linus came out as trans last year, he stepped back from his hefty schedule of after-school activities. Coming out was more exhausting than he thought it would be (and never seemed to end) and laying low seemed like the best option. But, when Linus’ family moves to Ohio to be closer to his ailing grandmother, Linus decides it’s time for a fresh start at his new school. Maybe he’ll audition for the school play, or try out for the soccer team? Or… get roped into running for class president.

Etta is over everyone at Doolittle Middle School. Honestly, she’s just trying to ride out eighth grade so she can finally ditch the mainstream and head off to the local alternative high school: Nova. When Etta’s ex-best-friend, Marigold, challenges Etta’s “anti-everything” attitude, she claims that her current classmates are predictable puppets who’ll do whatever’s popular—in fact, she could probably anyone elected as 8th grade class president if she put her mind to it. Marigold names Doolittle Middle’s new boy as the target, and Etta sees an opportunity to kill three birds with one stone: 1) shut up Marigold, 2) prove her point, 3) strengthen her Nova application.

Despite their differences, Linus and Etta become fast friends, and together, they run a compelling campaign. Maybe, Linus actually likes the spotlight? And maybe Etta actually thinks Linus is someone worth following?